2021 Women's Expo
** Enterprising Women's Expo, Conference, Talk Show **
Apr 23-25, 2021 - Downtown Phoenix + May 7-8, 2021 - WestWorld of Scottsdale

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Join the Enterprising Women's Project to grow + impact greater in 2021!

Hello, I'm Angelina Musik. Nearly two decades ago my career and media spotlight ended as a result of a car wreck traumatic brain injury. You can probably relate having had the carpet pulled out from under you thru the COVID challenges of 2020. The Enterprising Women's Project was part of my 2020 comeback - to share the big stages I would step once again step on.

The Enterprising Women's Project amplifies the visibility and credibility of authentic enterprising women.

Our book: backstories, businesses and expertise.
Our conferences: we speak lived-streamed.
Our expos:sell to a larger audience.
Our retreats: 3-5 days the Pacific Northwest.

With the fabulous support of my husband/business partner in Daniel, and the enterprising women avengers in this project, whom I deeply respect and trust we persevere!

Be in the company of resilient champions for 2021! Read their 'why am I participating' review images above and watch their videos below.

I'm also the founder of MOMtrepreneurs, Wellness by Choice, the Business Women News Network, and co-founder of Intelligent Netware (with my husband Daniel), a concierge business and personal development, media, marketing, and web technology firm founded in 1997.

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Enterprising Women's Conference & Expo
Fri FEB 26 - Sun FEB 28, 2021 (downtown Phoenix) more...

Wellness by Choice Conference & Expo
Fri APR 23 - Sun APR 25, 2021 (downtown Phoenix) more...

Wellness by Choice Conference & Expo
Fri MAY 7 - Sat MAY 8, 2021 (WestWorld of Scottsdale) more...

Wellness by Choice Conference & Expo
Fri AUG 25 - Sun AUG 29, 2021 (WestWorld of Scottsdale) more...