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Enterprising Women's Project timeline since its inception.

What's been achieved and what's to come in 2022.
The purpose of this project is to bring together ambitious and authentic enterprising women who desire to impact greater with integrity through what they are passionate about, proficient in, and can speak first hand about their experience to teach others through.


January 2019:
After a 15-year pause from being in the public eye on radio/TV/speaking and events, which I used to produce, I move forward with a comeback. I requested approval from Hearst Magazine to purchase 2 pages in Oprah Magazine to share with those I wanted to recognize in business while promoting them so we could all impact greater.

February 2019:
Approval was granted after a month of the editorial staff going through my history and understanding WHY I wanted this space. The cost for an advertiser to be in front of O Magazine’s audience of 2.2 million was $178k per page back then.

Daniel asked me, "Sooo …we are going to keep living in a 19' Airstream rental while spending money that could buy a house?" I said, “YES! He said OKAY!”

March-Dec 2019:
The best way to share my reserved print stage was to design the Enterprising Women’s Book project where the professional faces of the women in it would grace the book cover which would become the graphic to place in the magazine, in compliance with advertising guidelines. It would take the whole year of 2019 to bring together enough of the right enterprising women leaders with passion, integrity, and the intent to impact greater!

January 2020:
Due to behind the scenes 'stuff' at Hearst, who owns and publishes O Magazine, the two-page contract was paused. "The editor believes Wellness by Choice is competing with Oprah's Wellness Tour and rebranding of Weight Watcher's" says Ellen Sullivan, my previous representative at Hearst for O shares on a phone call with me. My response to this was to drop the Wellness by Choice graphic and plead to just have the Enterprising Women's Project page in it. That request failed. Months later circumstances would reveal the blessing behind this not happening. Instead, Entrepreneur Magazine stepped up. I submitted the adjusted graphics for just one page just in time for the March 2020 issue! O Magazine/Hearst Last Communication

March 2020:
Our page 23 came out in the March issue of Entrepreneur Magazine middle of February 2020 which was just before the COVID shutdown. We all went to the Barnes and Noble bookstore to pick up an issue or opened our mailboxes to check it out! Then, take a photograph and video to post it on social media which attracted new attention! Photos and videos were stiched into the Enterprising Women’s Project in Entrepreneur Magazine Video Reel. 

April 2020:
As the Phoenix Convention Center contract was coming together for our September Conference the double page spread graphics for June’s 2020 issue of Phoenix Magazine was as well. One side for the Enterprising Women to be introduced to the Phoenix Community before our September 2020 Conference and one side of the double page spread for Wellness by Choice for its expo. Contract Evidence with PCC

June/July 2020:
Phoenix Magazine June/July Issue comes out and contract with the Phoenix Convention Center is finalized, signed and deposit paid for our Sept 2020 Women's Conference and the launch of Wellness by Choice as an Expo and live streamed TV Show. 

August 2020:
Our two-page spread in the August issue of Phoenix Home Garden Magazine comes out. Due to COVID Sept 2020 conference/expo is moved to October 2020 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

October 2020:
Our two-page spread in the October issue of Phoenix Magazine comes out with another October event date change at the Phoenix Convention Center. Little did anyone know that facilities all over would remain closed due to COVID.

Not wanting to just give up, I kept rescheduling per the chart below.

  1. June 2020 contract signed for September 11-13, 2020.
  2. September 11-13, 2020 - COVID cancelled to be rescheduled
  3. October 17-18, 2020 - PCC COVID closed/rescheduled
  4. October 24-25, 2020 - PCC COVID closed/rescheduled
  5. November 14-15, 2020 - PCC COVID closed/rescheduled
  6. February 27-28, 2021 - PCC COVID closed/rescheduled
  7. March 5-7, 2021 - PCC COVID closed/rescheduled
  8. April 23-25, 2021 - PCC COVID closed/rescheduled
  9. May 8-9, 2021 - Westworld in Scottsdale rescheduled
  10. August 20-22, 2021 - moved event to Biltmore Hotel & Resort COVID DELTA cancelled/rescheduled
  11. February 25-27, 2022 - moved event to Cardinal's State Farm Stadium COVID Omicron cancelled/rescheduled
  12. Currently waiting on Cardinal's Football Schedule for November 2022 dates – Glendale location in process for contract


  • MAY: Scottsdale Magazine Issue promoting Enterprising Women and Wellness by Choice Women
  • JUNE-AUG: Enterprising Women in ANGELINA TV Show Season 1 being filmed [12 Episodes]
  • FALL: Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington's Shark Discoveries + Enterprising Women
  • NOV:  Enterprising Women's Conference
  • NOV:  Wellness by Choice Expo
  • WINTER: INC Magazine 2 Page for Enterprisng Women's & Wellness by Choice Project


Marketing designations legally allowed to use and have the evidence to support it.

  • 'As seen in Entrepreneur Magazine' [March 2020]
  • 'As seen in Phoenix Magazine' [June/July 2020, Oct 2020]
  • 'As seen in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine' [Aug 2020, Oct 2020]
  • 'Nationally Syndicated Contributing Expert in Business Women News'
  • 'Internationally Syndicated Contributing Expert through Wellness by Choice'


  • ‘Published Co-author in the Enterprising Women’s Book’
  • ‘Speaker at the 2022 Enterprising Women’s Conference’
  • ‘As Seen in the Wellness by Choice Magazine’
  • 'Expert Contributor in the Wellness by Choice Magazine’
  • 'As Seen on the Angelina 'Wellness by Choice' Show’
  •  'Expert Guest Contributor to the Angelina 'Wellness by Choice' Show'
  • ‘Nationally Syndicated TV Show Guest on Wellness by Choice Network’
  • ‘Recognized in INC Magazine by Angelina Musik’


Spring 2022 Enterprising Women's Book

  • size 6x9, 4 color glossy, approx 200 pages
  • 1st draft publishing Feb 2022
  • INC Mag Book Cover Graphics May submission
  • Final draft published Oct 2022 for event

Fall 2022 rePosture Life, Wellness & Work Coaching Workbook

  • size 11.5 x 8.5, 4 color glossy, approx 200 pages
  • 1st draft publishing Fall 2022
  • Book Cover Graphics Summer submission to INC Mag


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