2023-2024 Enterprising Women's EVENTS


Scottsdale Wellness & Women's Life Expo
Sat Sept 9, 2023
Scottsdale AZ
Fri: Set-up
Sat: Expo Convention Center

Dallas Wellness & Women's Life Expo
Fri Nov 3-Sat Nov 4, 2023
Dallas Texas
Thur: Set-up
Fri: Broadcast
Sat: Expo

Dallas Wellness & Women's Life Expo
Sat Mar 15-Sun 16, 2024
Irving Texas
Fri: Set-up
Sat: Broadcast
Sun: Expo


Surround yourself with smart, supportive and resilient women who understand that shifting times requires a desire to learn how to adapt and a commitment to thrive.

  • Don't go thru this alone. Be part of a supportive sisterhood.
  • Nurture your mind, body and business with insights and tools.
  • Confidence + clarity replaces confusion and weariness.
  • Gain inspiration + new business concepts and apply to yours.
  • Learn new COVID business best practices to better succeed.
  • Learn how to be and stay relevant for the next 5 years.
  • Be marketed online, in print, at the event and beyond the event.
  • 3 or 5 day Enterprising Women's Retreat Free Drawing.


The best way for vendors reach and teach many attendees in-person and at a single location. Attendees learn and shop with relevency and can be home in time for dinner with family!


  • Multi-event Vendor and Sponsor Registration Discount
  • Be marketed online, in print, before, during and after the events
  • Benefit from reciprocated networking and business connections.
  • Free Drawing for a 3 & 5 day Pacific NW Women's Wellness Retreat.


  • Meet lots of genuine entrepreneurs in a single place over 2 days!
  • Gain inspiration you can apply in your own life and business.
  • Free Drawing for a 3 & 5 day Pacific NW Women's Wellness Retreat.
  • Learn about new products + services for your life, work and family.
  • Support women in business who may inspire you to become one!


Personal Development

  • Mind: Beliefs & Attitudes
    (do you repel or attract, how and why)
  • Body: Health & Presentation
    (biological, psychological, physiological)
  • Spirit: Beliefs & Attitudes
    (Daily Practices & Etiquette)

Professional Development

  • Philosophies & Expressions
  • Talents/Skills/Credentials
  • Presentation & Etiquette

Business Development

  • Establish Niche Mission 
    (solving which problem, offering benefits)
  • Define Unique Proposition
    (site competitors, your difference)
  • Create Revenue Spreadsheet
    (product, price, volume, duration)
  • Credibility Endorsements
    (clients, referrals, mentors) 

Business Content Generation

  • Photo: Headshot
  • Photo: Book Cover 3/4 Body
  • Photo: Talk Show Interview
  • Photo: Speaker w/small group
  • Video: Product Demonstration
  • Video: Talk Show Interview (3 min)
  • Video: 3 min Mini Speaker Reel
  • (intro, two 30 sec topics, 1 testimonial/endorsement)
  • Video: 5 min Speaker Reel
  • (intro, three 1 min topics, 3 testimonials/endorsements)
  • Video: 10 min Extended Speaker Reel
  • (intro, three 3 min topics, 3 testimonials/endorsements)

Market Launch/Expansion

  • Visibility & Credibility Strategies
  • Marketing: Assess, Strategize, Set-up, Deploy
    (website/seo, events, PR, print, partnerships, social media)
  • Social Media Automation & Personalization
    (set-up, strategize, configure & deploy calendar)

Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.
Norman Augustine