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Julie Waas

I'm so grateful to Angelina Musik for inviting me to participate in her 100 Enterprising Women's Project. Angelina is an incredible entrepreneur who's committed to mentoring and helping women succeed in their businesses at the highest level. As someone who has devoted my career and now my businesses to being a trailblazer for working women and mothers, being a part of Angelina's Enterprising Women's Project is an incredible opportunity not only to share my message and businesses with a huge audience but to interact with and learn from Angelina and other amazing women who have joined the project.


Julie WaasAttorney

Dr. MaryBeth Parisi

My mission is to teach and provide real and authentic information, to be able to choose the appropriate products, to keep your skin healthy. When Angelina approached me with her Wellness by Choice and Enterprising Women's Project and shared her vision, I fell in love with her idea of creating a network of hand-picked experts, all coming together in the medical, health and wellness industry to share their knowledge and solutions to live healthier and better mind-body-skin.


Dr. MaryBeth ParisiDermatologist, Author

Kat Morrow

I've been looking for creative ways to grow my business to new heights. Sometimes we create those opportunities and sometimes they present themselves to us. So the universe sent me Angelina and she introduced me to the Enterprising Women's Project. Once I met this dynamic woman and the other incredible women involved, I jumped right in and the more I interact, the more that it has solidified my belief that this is the right platform to have my vision come to life. Angelina has great personal, professional and financial commitment and helping women grow their businesses and her passion is simply contagious. So looking back on my life, the times I've really made great strides, experienced real change and achieved positive growth is why I've stepped out of my comfort zone to play bigger. This is the bigger that I've been looking for and I'm ready to soar!

Kat MorrowHealth & Wellness Coach

Dr. Dolores Fazzino

I knew when Angelina Musik of the Enterprising Women's Project invited me to participate, without hesitation I said "Yes". I am so very excited, honored, and deeply humbled to participate with an amazing group of authentic, genuine, and the "real deal" women who are ready to lead, enrich, and empower others to make a difference in their lives and create more well-being in the world.

Dr. Dolores FazzinoSurgical Nurse & Wellness Author