2022 Wellness by Choice Retreats in the Pacific Northwest

3-5 Day Retreats for Individuals, Couples or Groups of 8 for Wellness Self-Care and/or Wellness Practice Development Retreats
Reservation Deposits for 2022 Winter & Spring Dates now being accepted. Text Angelina 480-440-4740.
(Angelina Musik: founder of Wellness by Choice, Awarded 2x by the U.S. Small Business Administration)

2021 Enterprising Women's Retreats

I want to share a 3-5 day retreat with you and a view of the Columbia River Gorge. My wellness and enterprising retreats will help you live smarter, healthier and happier. When you are ready to reboot your mind, body and businesses in a safe, healthy and secluded location text me for more details.

Angelina (480) 440.4740

all inclusive 3-5 day spa and enterprising summits

Personal Development

  • Mind: Beliefs & Attitudes
    (do you repel or attract, how and why)
  • Body: Health & Presentation
    (biological, psychological, physiological)
  • Spirit: Beliefs & Attitudes
    (Daily Practices & Etiquette)

Professional Development

  • Philosophies & Expressions
  • Talents/Skills/Credentials
  • Presentation & Etiquette

Business Development

  • Establish Niche Mission 
    (solving which problem, offering benefits)
  • Define Unique Proposition
    (site competitors, your difference)
  • Create Revenue Spreadsheet
    (product, price, volume, duration)
  • Credibility Endorsements
    (clients, referrals, mentors) 

Market Launch/Expansion

  • Visibility & Credibility Strategies
  • Marketing: Assess, Strategize, Set-up, Deploy
    (website/seo, events, PR, print, partnerships, social media)
  • Social Media Automation & Personalization
    (set-up, strategize, configure & deploy calendar)

Business Content Generation

  • Photo: Headshot
  • Photo: Book Cover 3/4 Body
  • Photo: Talk Show Interview
  • Photo: Speaker w/small group
  • Video: Product Demonstration
  • Video: Talk Show Interview (3 min)
  • Video: 3 min Mini Speaker Reel
  • (intro, two 30 sec topics, 1 testimonial/endorsement)
  • Video: 5 min Speaker Reel
  • (intro, three 1 min topics, 3 testimonials/endorsements)
  • Video: 10 min Extended Speaker Reel
  • (intro, three 3 min topics, 3 testimonials/endorsements)